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Ok, you caught me.  This is not a Kentucky made product but , while shopping, I was so impressed with these I had to put them in the store.  They are made in Atlanta, GA so the south still remains in the overall thought.   The napkins are packaged with four (4) 20” x20” fabric napkins and are available in an abundance of choices.  What I found incredible was I dumped all colors into the wash, threw them in the dryer and they came out perfectly.  I just needed to fold.  No iron…..and so soft.   Here are your choices (they look great all together!)
Row:  Zinnia/Kiwi, Blossom/Poppy, Blossom/Shamrock 
Row:   Iron Gate/Storm, Zinnia/Goldenrod, Diamond/Clementine
 Row:  Say It Southern/Black on linen
(Special orders available for different color/style combinations)


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